Civilizations come and go, but the pottery remains.

Ceramic art is the great universal — it unites all humanity, East and West, North and South. Traditions are deep, running tens of thousands of years.

Ceramic art integrates the four essential elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The artist moulds the clay, working it with water. The art dries in the air and is fired to finish.

Kneading the clay is an act of ritual purification and wedging is the physical and mental preparation, when the pots are imagined. Centering the clay on the turning wheel is an act of psychological centering: balancing the left side and the right side of the brain: both hands in the clay, the joining of the hemispheres.

Opening the clay is an erotic act; raising it a physical and spiritual uplifting into creation and even ecstasy.

Pottery as vessels to carry glazes, the three dimensional art-work expressing humanity and beyond.


Ingestion Fetish Bowl